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Unique Teeth Whitening System

Chattering Class and Dermal Clinic are proud to offer a unique system/method to offer the most powerful results when whitening your teeth. This offers a combination of two leading whitening systems with home and power laser whitening to offer the deepest bleaching results

1st Visit

Assessment for suitability and impressions are taken. The patient is provided with MI-Paste – a unique product offering great desensitising properties to prime the teeth for whitening

2nd Visit

Custom made whitening trays are provided with advanced teeth whitening gel

3rd Visit

In-surgery power laser whitening lasting 1hr 30min. This is to be followed with with 2-4 weeks of home whitening again.

4th Visit

Assessment of final result

The above technique has been used with tremendous success and offers the most superior  and deepest teeth whitening results.

Visit our Teeth Whitening page for more information.