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  • Latest ceramic technology – metal free crowns
  • One visit same day crowns – No need for a second visit
  • No messy impressions
  • No temporary fillings or temporary crowns needed
  • Save time and money with Cerec technology

At Chattering Class & Dermal Clinic we are proud to present CEREC® 3D allowing the fabrication of cerec restorations in london. With this advanced system, we can quickly restore damaged teeth, using permanent natural-coloured cerec ceramic restorations. These are anti-abrasive and plaque resistant.

At our london clinic teeth can be restored in about one hour using restorations that resemble the composition of natural tooth structure and without the need for impressions. CEREC® 3D uses high quality ceramic materials and Computer Aided Design technology. No second appointment will be necessary!

Using cerec technology we can produce any kind of tooth restoration. Chipped and discolored teeth can be repaired using cerec porcelain crowns and cerec veneers. Broken down molars can be restored using cerec inlays and cerec onlays, meaning unsightly silver fillings are a thing of the past.

Contact a member of our london dental team and enhance your smile with cerec restorations.