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6 Month Smiles

What is 6 Month Smiles or 6 Month Braces?

6 Month Braces is one of the latest techniques for straightening your teeth straight from USA. Six Month Smiles utilises clear braces to gently straighten teeth in an average time of only six months. By focusing on the teeth that show when you smile and not making significant bite changes, your dentist can comfortably straighten your teeth and give you the attractive, pleasant smile you’ve always wanted.

  • Six Month Smiles braces are clear
  • Offer the latest technology from USA
  • Wires are usually tooth-coloured and very small
  • Treatment times are much shorter than traditional treatments
  • Discomfort is minimal as teeth are gently repositioned
  • Cost is usually less than traditional braces

Shown below are typical cases for this short term orthodontic treatment:

Before and after - 6 month braces

This patient was unhappy with the way her teeth looked in photos especially from the side.
6 Month Braces was used to straighten her teeth in 4 months followed by teeth whitening.

Before and after - 6 month braces

This patient was unhappy with the narrowness of her smile.
6 Month Braces was used to straighten her teeth. The total treatment was completed in 6 Months.

Before and after - 6 month braces

This patient was not happy with the alignment of her upper and lower teeth. We carried out 6 month smiles braces with composite bonding and teeth whitening to complete the smile in 7 months.

Q: How can teeth be straightened in only six months?

Six Month Orthodontics employs the latest technology and techniques in dentistry to move your teeth quickly and safely. The key components of the treatment are the use of special nickel titanium wires and a primary focus of moving the teeth that show when you smile.

Q: Six months sounds good, but will I still have a mouth full of metal for the whole time?

No! Six Month Smiles treatments use tooth-colored braces that are barely visible. The wires are usually tooth-colored as well. These are nothing like the classic train-track metal braces!

Q: Are Six Month Smiles more comfortable than regular braces?

Six Month Smiles Braces use low force to move teeth more comfortably. Many people think that the accelerated treatment means simply tightening regular braces to get the teeth moving, but that is not true. Six Month Smiles utilizes standard orthodontic mechanics, but with an emphasis on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite.

Q: Will I have to wear a retainer?

Yes you can choose to have a fixed retainer bonded to the back surfaces of your teeth or a removable retainer that your wear a few nights a week to prevent the teeth from moving back after treatment with the Six Month Smiles Braces.

If 6 month smile treatment is not a suitable teeth straightening treatment then Invisalign or Social 6 Braces may be an alternative.

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