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Busy City Workers

At Chattering Class & Dermal Clinic, we have worked closely with the corporate sector and appreciate the demands that the working week presents to the busy individual. We have tailored our services to minimize disruption to your day allowing you to benefit from our services at your convenience. Our prime location offers easy travel by tube, bus or car from the city or Canary Wharf.

Open late 8am till 8pm and Saturdays

Take advantage of our early morning and late night appointments giving you the flexibility to have treatment without the need to take time off. Please contact a member of our team to secure these appointments in advance.

Same Day Crowns/Inlays

At Chattering Class & Dermal Clinic we are proud to present CEREC® 3D allowing the fabrication of porcelain restorations in the clinic while you wait. With this advanced system, we can quickly restore damaged teeth, using permanent natural-coloured cerec ceramic restorations.

Corporate Offers

Our corporate links benefit employees from Barclays and UBS. You will receive 20% off all our dental and dermal treatments and 50% of all teeth whitening procedures. (link to popular treatments page)

Company/Corporate Insurance

At Chattering Class & Dermal Clinic, we accept all types of dental insurance. Simply inform a member of our team prior to booking an appointment and necessary arrangement will be made to fill out the relevant paperwork for insurance company. Please contact us should you require any further assistance.