Teeth Whitening in Chelsea Kensington

In-Office Teeth Whitening Creates a Brighter Smile Over your Lunch Hour

How white is your smile? You may actually think that there is no cause for concern until you develop a photograph of friends, only to notice that your teeth are several shades darker or yellower than your neighbour. No time better than the present for that in-office teeth whitening that you have heard about.

Should I Choose at Home or In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Over the past decade, individuals within our society have moved toward a whiter and brighter smile. With advancement in in-office teeth whitening, a bright smile can be achieved in moments. There are certainly a plethora of teeth whitening options to utilize in the comfort of your own home. But, there are certainly advantages of visiting your dentist for an in-office teeth whitening session. The most important consideration of whether to whiten your teeth at home or by a professional is the potential damage that you can cause to your gums.
Over processing, too frequent use of chemicals or improper use of the whitening substances is common by individuals trying to whiten their teeth at home. But, an in-office teeth whitening session can leverage the skills and training of your dentist to achieve superior brightening results without the associated risks of trying the procedure at home.

Achieve Superior Smile Results with In-Office Teeth Whitening

Busy during your next lunch break? Your dental professional can typically perform an in-office teeth whitening in under an hour making it easy and convenient to have the cosmetic procedure performed. And, for even more convenience, some dental offices can perform the procedure with little to no notice. Ask your dentist the next time that you are in the dental chair for a routine cleaning whether they can fit you in for an in-office teeth whitening session on the fly. Who knows; you could walk out with cleaner teeth and a brighter, whiter smile in the same session.
A dental professional will typically use either bleaching products or a special laser light to whiten your teeth during an in-office teeth whitening session. Most patients see results within an hour and with only a single in-office teeth whitening treatment. For individuals who have more severe discoloration or staining, multiple in-office teeth whitening sessions may be required. Your dental professional will make a treatment recommendation for you upon a simple oral examination. Some dental professionals will also prepare teeth trays for you to utilize at home as a follow up maintenance system. This way you can continue to maintain your bright smile on an ongoing basis.
If you are embarrassed by your smile or simply want to enhance your current smile, teeth whitening is the most effective option to consider. Instead of trying the procedure at home, work with your trained dental professional and schedule an in-office teeth whitening session. Typically within an hour after the procedure, you will walk out with a whiter, brighter smile that everyone around you is sure to envy. To schedule your in-office teeth whitening session please call 0207 795 1536