Clenching in the Credit Crunch - Teeth Grinding

Local healthcare practitioners are seeing the dire real estate and job markets, lost pension plans, and other bad financial news reflected in their caseloads. Dentists can read the financial forecast in the X-rays of fractured teeth.
Many of our 40- and 50-something patients think their teeth are breaking because of age, but the dentist traces the cause to the clenching of jaw muscles, known in the dental community as temporomandibular joint syndrome, or TMJ.
In this economy, particularly for middle-aged folks with families, there’s a lot to clench about. A study that said women in the 40-55 age group are the biggest worriers about finances. Chiropractors have seen a shift in his patients’ complaints. They are  seeing a lot of stress-related headaches, neck pain working into the shoulder as well, and TMJ pain.  Just as some might stretch a pound by adding a week between visits to a barber or hair stylist patients stretch out or put aside their maintenance visits.
As part of health maintenance for people experiencing stress we recommend preventative measures, including going to the gym or finding some other exercise program. Walking is a great stress reducer noting that many patients with the most stress also have little to no exercise in their lives.