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Invisalign braces are the latest in clear braces treatment offered at our west London clinic. We offer free consultations for the treatment and include full teeth whitening, fixed and removable retainers as well as composite bonding and recontouring treatment. Please call 0207 795 1536 or email for more information.


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The importance of discussing any type of proposed cosmetic  treatment with your dentist has been underlined in a recent article on ‘celebrity smiles’ featured in a Body & Soul supplemt in The Times national newspaper.

Dental veneers and teeth-whitening treatments came under the microscope in the article written by Simon Crompton, who quoted the concerns of some dentists that patients are not always presented with the complete facts or alternatives.

Veneers, involving removing a layer of tooth to replace with white porcelain or resin, “have to be very carefully looked after and need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years”, said one dentist quoted in the article.

It was noted that some younger female patients, with slightly rotated teeth or with small gaps between them, asked for veneers – when orthondontics, which could correct teeth over several months without damaging them, was the best option.
He regularly referred patients to an orthodontist but, as the article makes clear, “Not everyone has a dentist who does this”.

Reassuringly, the qualified dental and orthodontic dentists at the Chattering Class Clinic have a great deal of experience in the complexities of cosmetic dentistry, and it is an absolute ‘must’ among all members of the team to discuss and communicate all aspects of treatment with a patient before it is agreed.

The article stressses the importance of discussing the  advantages and disadvantages of treatments with patients – which is common practice at the Chattering Class Clinic, where a range of orthodontic alternatives to veneers, such as Invisalign, the 6-Month Smile, Inman Aligner, Damon Braces and Lingual Braces, are regularly recommended and carried out by the team.

“Dentists have a professional responsibility to inform them (patients) of the options”, said the article, adding that “The General Dental Council’s code of conduct says that dentists must explain the treatment proposed, the risks involved and alternative treatments”.
Quoting James Goolnik, the president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), which has a membership of 1,000, out of the 26,000 dentists in the UK, it continues:
“New orthodontic procedures, such as invisible braces, are much quicker and less obvious (than veneers), which make them more appealing to patients. Dentists are also more aware that veneers aren’t the only option, and are getting that over to patients”.

The article also covers the investigation by consumer watchdog Which? into teeth whitening advertised on some popular websites, and already discussed on Chattering Class Clinic  web pages, pointing out that dentists can safely tailor treatment according to your teeth and their sensitivities.
It concludes: “The simplest – and cheapest – way to foster a Hollywood smile is to look after your teeth: have them scaled and polished regularly, stop smoking, and cut down on strong-coloured foods and drinks that may stain”.


The average person in the UK still spends about £20 a week shopping for clothes and accessories, while ignoring that vital indicator of good looks – their teeth.
Research has found that women generally own 100 items of clothing yet only wear 30 of them, while the rest stay on their hangers.
Naturally enough, most women want to look good, but having bad teeth can age a woman by a staggering 13 years, says Dr Phil Stemmer, dental ambassador for Oral B.
“Teeth are one of the first things we notice about a person. When people don’t look after their teeth, they tend not to smile, which can give off a bad impression.
Whether or not we are aware of it, when we first meet someone who doesn’t smile or has unhealthy looking teeth we can form negative views about their lifestyle from their relationship status, career success and pay packet to their character and even their age.
The research highlights the importance the appearance of your teeth can have on the way people perceive you, he says.
Having a healthy set of teeth can also have its economic advantages, as the Oral-B Smile Report revealed that the majority of people believe those with nice teeth earn more.
So discussing how you want to look with the team at the Chattering Class Clinic, as well as getting the latest professional advice on how to keep that healthy smile, could be a good investment in more ways than one in the year ahead. We offer teeth straightening, dental implants, Invisalign, 6 month braces, lingual braces and porcelain veneers.

6 Months Braces And How They Work

A lot of people suffer from embarrassing smiles. Some have real issues with their teeth and others would prefer straighter ones. It is not fun having to worry about how the world perceives you just because of your teeth. Correcting the problem may seem like an expensive, long and tedious process, but it does not have to be. With 6 Months Braces, you’ll be on your way to laughing out loud with all of your friends.

Your precious choppers can be looking good in a snap. It is not necessary to wrestle with metal wires and brackets anymore. Nor do you have to miss out on all the joys of self expression by hiding your mouth.

Technological advancements in orthodontics has come together with the latest materials in order to provide a system for nicer smiles. By utilizing clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, your teeth get fixed while the hardware remains almost invisible. Not only does it look better than the standard metal, but the average patient has a new smile in just six months.

With a confident smile anyone can take on the world. You won’t have to be shy about talking in front of people or laughing out loud. Confidence in your smile can also lead to confidence in your personality. This new confidence can have a positive affect on your career and in your personal life.

Straighter teeth are much easier to take care of. It is easier to floss when the floss fits between your teeth and this means you are more likely to do it. No one enjoys battling with stubborn pieces of string. Taking care of your mouth will be a rewarding investment to your overall good health and well being.

Smiling with pride is something you can achieve. Make an appointment with a dentist who provides 6 Months Braces and see what they can do for you. Before long, you may be posing for pictures with a real happy face.

Align Skew Teeth With A Clear Braces Dentist in London

Selecting the right Clear Braces Dentist is no less important than selecting the right doctor. People in general are quite selective when requiring the services of a doctor. This same attitude should apply to obtaining orthodontic help.

The old braces really did nothing to help people’s looks. The reality is that they are quite unsightly. Now new technology is around using invisible braces to the job without affecting the patient’s looks negatively.

Each set of braces or aligners are custom made for your mouth using specific calculations. They are changed every 14 days. As time goes by your teeth will be moved over to the intended position.

When you first go to the dentist, he or she will inspect your mouth. This is when you will request what you want done with your smile. Other issues that you may have with your mouth and teeth can be highlighted here.

X rays may be done at this consultation as will the impressions of the teeth be taken. Apart from this, the dentist will discuss all the options about your teeth with you. It will also be determined whether braces is what you need to give you the perfect smile or not.

It requires thirty aligners for each arch, although each mouth is unique. The strategy may vary for different mouths. 3D and virtual representations are used to customize your braces. All of this takes place after you have given the dentist the go ahead to proceed with the procedure.

Except for when you are drinking or eating, you should be wearing your aligners. Doing this will give you the results that you desire to achieve. As you start with the aligners you will see progression of your teeth from the get go.

If you want to improve your smile then pay a visit to your Clear Braces Dentist. You will not regret this.

A New Smile With Invisible Braces From A Clear Braces Dentist

Most people are rather discerning when it comes to selecting a doctor for a medical procedure. The same attitude should apply when looking for a Clear Braces Dentist. A reputable dentist will likely be able to get the right result for you.

New technology exists whereby invisible aligners or braces can assist patients to get their teeth realigned with out grotesque looking metal surrounding their teeth and ruining their looks.

These aligners or braces are custom made for each mouth and are changed every fourteen days. Each set is made individually with specific calculations. Eventually your teeth will shift over to the right position.

The dentist will assess and inspect your mouth at the first consultation. Here you may tell the dentist how you wish your smile to be. Any other problems you have with your teeth can be discussed and you can tell him or her what you want done with your teeth.

You will be advised on all the options at your disposal by the dentist and most importantly whether clear braces are right for you or not. A comprehensive plan of treatment is set up for you and all the details thereof will be spelled out for you. The dentist will also make impressions of your teeth. X-rays could also be taken to assist with the digitization process.

After the decision has been made to go with braces, they will then be customized for you. Virtual representations and 3D technology will be used for this purpose. Although each mouth is different and plans differ from mouth to mouth, generally each arch needs 30 aligners.

Other than when you eat or drink, the aligners must be worn all the time. This will ensure you will achieve the results you are looking for. Bit by bit you will notice the progression of your teeth as they gradually move into place.

A Clear Braces Dentist is the way to go when requesting a makeover of your smile. This procedure will most certainly enhance your smile.

A More Confident Smile From Clear Braces Dentist

We put a lot of effort into choosing the correct dentist for most medical procedures. The same should apply to choosing the right Clear Braces Dentist. The correct dentist will help you find the outcome you are looking for.

A new technology offers invisible braces that help patients realign their teeth without unsightly contraptions that spoil their looks. Many dentists are now being trained in this technology to offer their patients the least uncomfortable options.

The braces, or aligners are custom made for your mouth and will have to be switched about every two weeks. Each set of aligners is manufactured individually made, using specific calculations. These aligners gradually shift your teeth to the correct position.

At the initial consultation, your dentist will inspect your mouth and you can then tell him what you would like to achieve with your smile. You may discuss any particular issues that you may be experiencing with your teeth and the outcome you wish to achieve.

He or she will be able to advise you on various options and determine whether clear braces are suitable for you. A detailed treatment plan will be set up to outline your treatment and impressions will probably be made. He may also take x-rays of your mouth to help with the digitization of the braces.

The braces will then be custom made for you. This is done using 3-D technology and virtual representations. Every individual treatment plan varies, but a typical plan may include up to thirty aligners for every arch.

Your aligners should be worn at all times, unless you are eating or drinking. This will ensure that your treatment is completed as envisaged during the initial consultation. You will see progress during the entire procedure as your teeth move into place gradually.

When you are considering a smile makeover, you should head on over to a Clear Braces Dentist. You deserve a beautiful smile!

A Short Article About 6 Month Braces Cost

One of the most sought after cosmetic transformation is the perfect smile. A beautiful smile can not only change the way we feel about ourselves, it can change the way people perceive us. If your smile embarrasses you because of misalignment, gaps or overbite, braces are often the answer. There are many choices, but the 6 month braces promise a beautiful smile in a fraction of the time. Many people have looked for information on the 6 month braces cost.

The six month braces treatment has proven to be effective many times. With the proper training, this new treatment allows dentists do their jobs in less than half the time. Although the train track type braces treatment is the most widely used, more and more people are starting to acknowledge that the treatment can be done in just a few months.

With the traditional type of braces, it can take up to two years to complete. Even the most severe problems with over and under bites can be corrected in a fraction of the time it would take other treatments.

The cost of braces often depends on the type chosen. Many older patients are concerned with the amount of time spent doing the treatment and the amount of visits to the doctors office. It is worth the money for some people to have the hardware removed in a shorter amount of time.

6 month braces can correct many common dental problems. The most severe cases may have to spend more time wearing the braces, while those with little repair will often spend less time.

There are many dentists that are trained in the 6 month treatment. Many of the providers will offer many different payment options that make the treatment affordable to many people. To find one in your area, check online or talk to your dentist.

A Beautiful New Smile With 6 Month Braces Treatment

Those looking to correct problem teeth, may be interested in the 6 month braces treatment, which works in less time than traditional braces. Patients 15 and older are considered for this procedure. There have been real advances made in orthodontia and one advance today is braces treatment in 6 months.

6 month braces treatment is used to fix most of the same things corrected with traditional braces. This means those with overbites, under bites, crowded teeth, misaligned teeth, spacing, and cross bites can be helped.

On the first visit, the patient will have their smile assessed and their teeth examined. X-rays will also be done for a more in-depth look. Once this is finished, the dentist and patient will map out a plan of treatment. This means looking at how much time is needed and what treatments can be used. One finds out whether 6 month braces treatment is a possibility. Patients with this treatment may even find it takes slightly less time or slightly more. This is all less than the time it takes with traditional braces.

During the next visit, the patient is fitted for their braces. They are somewhat invisible since they are the color of teeth. Wires made of nickel titanium are what are used to straighten teeth. With regular braces, some find teeth are removed. This rarely occurs when an adjustment is done using the 6 month braces procedure.

Every 4 weeks the patient will come in to have their braces adjusted. The visits are normally under 20 minutes, so the patient can go in, come out, and get on with their day. These visits are for the duration of the treatment. There is a little pain, which can often be handled with mild pain medication suggested by the dentist. This works with all but the most severe pain.

Patients are required to wear a retainer after the 6 month braces treatment is done. It is necessary with most orthodontia work. A retainer can be made for removing, or bonded for those that prefer not to remove it. After it is all ended, the patient can bask in their glorious new smile.