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6 Month Braces A Better Way To Change Your Teeth

If you are an adult and you are self conscious about your teeth you may believe that there is nothing that can be done to change them now. Luckily, that is no longer the case. 6 Month Braces can fix misaligned or overcrowded teeth so you will no longer feel you need to cover your mouth when you smile.

Sound amazing, well it is. By combining long used techniques with newly developed technology the science and art of orthodontics has been vastly changed. These are not the obvious wire braces that you remember from your youth. These are small, barely visible and still cheaper than traditional orthodontic work.

The trick to these marvels is the high tech arch wires they use to move shift the teeth. These little wires apply continuous pressure on the teeth that can change their position in your mouth in a remarkably short period of time.

A common problem that people are looking to have corrected about their teeth is that of overcrowding. Often this causes the front teeth to overlap or twist as the final molars grow in. To fix this it is usually only necessary to spread out the teeth in a wider arch. In difficult cases it may be necessary to make the teeth themselves a bit smaller by filing them down a bit. Regardless of the severity of the overcrowding it can be solved in less than a year through the use of these braces.

All this may sound good to you but you are still worried about what your friends will say about you getting orthodontic work at your age. Don’t be. Because these braces can completely change the shape of your smile but they are almost invisible themselves. They bring about drastic change but they do it so gradually that it will probably go unnoticed until you decide to unveil it.

If your teeth and or smile have brought you a lifetime of humiliation or you have ever felt the need to keep your mouth tightly closed in public then you may want to take a few minutes to explore your options. You may find that 6 month braces are the solution you have been looking for.


How early detection of mouth cancer can save hundreds of lives was the theme behind a major promotion aimed at increasing awareness at an event at the Houses of Parliament hosted by the British Dental Health Foundation.
A call for action was backed by leading experts at a time when in the UK mouth cancer kills one person every five hours, and less than half of those with the disease survive beyond five years after diagnosis.
Young people are particularly vulnerable, with recent studies showing that a lifestyle of drinking, smoking and unhealthy diets increase the chances of mouth and throat cancer, while increasing links between oral sex and the disease have also been discovered.
‘If in doubt, get checked out’ was the theme behind the Mouth Cancer Action Month of November, with the case of superstar Michael Douglas used to emphasize how early detection, supported with regular professional check-ups and self examination, can save lives.
Survival chances for mouth cancer can improve to more than 90% if the signs are diagnosed within the early stages.
Dental Health Foundation chief executive Nigel Carter told the London meeting: “Many people have not heard of mouth cancer, and do not realise how common it is. Latest figures show that over 5,500 cases are diagnosed in the UK in a year, and that men aged over 40 are twice as likely to develop the condition as women”.

Warning signs for mouth cancer include ulcers which do not heal within three weeks, and red or white patches, or unusual lumps or swellings,  in the mouth.

Your dentist or hygienist at the Chattering Class Clinic will always be happy to discuss with you the early warning signs and risk factors of mouth cancer, while explaining the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It is better for your dentist to spot a symptom that proves to be negative, than to be faced with a difficult case that may have a poor prognosis.

6 Month Braces A Better Way To Change Your Smile

Many adults have resigned themselves to living with the smile that they were born with. They believe that orthodontics are really only useful in young mouths and so simply cover the teeth that embarrass them. Happily there is some thing that can be done to straighten crooked teeth or reduce overcrowding in adult mouths. If you are tired of hiding your smile than 6 month braces may be for you.

These amazing devices are a combination of new technology and time tested techniques. They are not the wire contraptions you friends wore growing up, in fact they are nearly invisible. And better yet they are much more affordable that traditional orthodontic work.

These braces utilize high tech arch wires instead of the heavy hardware that is usually associated with teeth realignment. These tiny wires exert steady, light pressure on the teeth to move them into the desired position.

If overcrowding is the problem you are dealing with, usually seen as overlapping or twisted teeth, this can be easily rectified with short term braces. Often it is just a matter of widening the arch of the teeth to create more room and then repositioning the teeth. In severe cases the teeth themselves may need to be filed a bit to make them smaller in addition to creating more room. In either case the correction can usually be accomplished in around seven months or less.

Perhaps the biggest advantage these braces offer to their adult customers is that they accomplish all of this while going largely unnoticed. No need to put your social life on hold while the corrections are being made. The changes are gradual so no one is likely to notice anything until the metamorphosis is complete.

There is absolutely no need for you to continue to suffer embarrassment because of your teeth. 6 month braces can give you a smile to be proud of in less then a year and for much less expense then you would expect.

6 Months Braces And How You Can Feel

Having crooked teeth, cramped teeth or large gaps can be embarrassing and cause you to hide your mouth. Wanting to hide your teeth can make a person appear like they are not confident when speaking and can destroy the way others view them. 6 Months Clear Braces can change that by giving you a smile that you’ll love.

Getting those picture perfect teeth is not like it used to be. Metal brackets and wires are a thing of the past, so is years of waiting and embarrassing food moments. You don’t have to hide your grin, and there is no need to worry about covering your face during jokes or looking away from all the stares anymore.

Advancements in dental materials as well as new technology in orthodontics have come together to provide you with a revolutionary new way to get straighter teeth. Tooth-colored wires and clear brackets remain almost invisible. In about six months, the average patient will have a new look and will not have had to deal with metal hardware.

Being proud of the way you look can have a major impact on how the world views you. Being able to present yourself with confidence may be the only thing separating you from everyone else in the room. Having a beautiful smile will catch peoples eye and can help in your business life as well as your personal life.

Not only do good teeth look better, but they are easier to maintain. Floss glides easily and allows you to reach places you could not get to before. When cleaning your teeth is an easy task, you will be more willing to do what is necessary to keep them looking great.

Getting the smile you have always wanted may be a short time away. Contact a dentist who provides 6 Months Braces and get on track for your new look. There is no point in putting off something that can make you so happy, confident and successful.

6 Months Braces And How They Work

A lot of people suffer from embarrassing smiles. Some have real issues with their teeth and others would prefer straighter ones. It is not fun having to worry about how the world perceives you just because of your teeth. Correcting the problem may seem like an expensive, long and tedious process, but it does not have to be. With 6 Months Braces, you’ll be on your way to laughing out loud with all of your friends.

Your precious choppers can be looking good in a snap. It is not necessary to wrestle with metal wires and brackets anymore. Nor do you have to miss out on all the joys of self expression by hiding your mouth.

Technological advancements in orthodontics has come together with the latest materials in order to provide a system for nicer smiles. By utilizing clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, your teeth get fixed while the hardware remains almost invisible. Not only does it look better than the standard metal, but the average patient has a new smile in just six months.

With a confident smile anyone can take on the world. You won’t have to be shy about talking in front of people or laughing out loud. Confidence in your smile can also lead to confidence in your personality. This new confidence can have a positive affect on your career and in your personal life.

Straighter teeth are much easier to take care of. It is easier to floss when the floss fits between your teeth and this means you are more likely to do it. No one enjoys battling with stubborn pieces of string. Taking care of your mouth will be a rewarding investment to your overall good health and well being.

Smiling with pride is something you can achieve. Make an appointment with a dentist who provides 6 Months Braces and see what they can do for you. Before long, you may be posing for pictures with a real happy face.

Another 6 Month Braces Case Example

Straight Teeth for the wedding day using 6 Month Braces

Lower Front Teeth Straightened for the Wedding Day!
Lower Front Teeth Straightened for the Wedding Day!

We managed to use 6 Month Braces to straighten this patients teeth for her wedding day in 5 months. A fixed retainer was placed and then she carried out teeth whitening at our Chelsea clinic.

6 Months Braces And How They Help

Many of us have always been self conscious about our smiles. We find ourselves hiding our teeth by covering our mouths and looking away at happy moments. Even worse, looking back at pictures and we remember how happy we were, but the guarded smile on our face reminds us how much we hate our teeth. Technology and advancements in dentistry have been able to change those upsetting habits by changing smiles with 6 Months Braces.

It is now a cinch to straighten those teeth of yours. Having to hassle with years of metal wires and bands is a thing of the past. No need to put yourself through even more uncomfortable photo opportunities or comedy packed evenings out.

The latest orthodontic technology combined with the best state of the art materials has led the way to nicer smiles. Using clear brackets and tooth-colored wires makes your transition more comfortable and visually appealing. Average treatment only lasts six months. This means that you’ll have the smile you have always dreamed of by your next birthday, summer vacation or favorite holiday!

A new smile will allow your true personality to show through at every moment. It will give you a confidence boost and make it easier to stand up and talk at those board meetings. Now when you think people are staring at your mouth, you will know they are thinking about how great your teeth look.

Along with the confidence boost comes pride. Straighter teeth are easier to take care of and keep clean. Not only are they easier to care for, floss and brush, but you’ll value the time and effort you put into keeping them nice since they look so good.

Having a better smile is within your reach. You just have to take the steps to get there. Contacting a dentist who offers 6 Months Braces treatment is your first step. After a consultation, you will find out what can be done for you and how soon it can happen.

6 Month Braces Cases

This patient was treated in 6 months with clear 6 month braces treatment. The clear braces were fitted and the patient noticed teeth straightening after a few weeks. The teeth were then whitened. He is due to have the lower tooth crown replaced soon.

Before 6 Month braces

6 Month Braces Before 1

After 6 Month Braces

6 Month Braces After 1

6 Month Braces Case

This case present with spaces between the upper teeth. She wanted the fastest method for changing the gap. We used clear 6 month braces to straighten the teeth.

Before 6 Month Braces

Before 6 Month Braces

After 6 Month Braces