Patients taking a trip overseas after seeing tempting website offers of cheaper treatment may gain short-term financial benefits, but a lack of aftercare can cause long-term problems for the ‘dental tourist’, warns an article in the dental magazine ‘The Probe’.
Some in search of quick-fix and cheap cosmetic dentistry, particularly for implants, are travelling to clinics as far away as Mexico, Thailand and India, while European countries are becoming increasingly popular.
Overseas dentists may be as professional as their UK counterparts, but many patients go abroad for dental implants only to discover there has been little treatment planning prepared, and that when there are problems there is no follow-up strategy in place.
The article makes the point that “In order to get the treatment right, you must know the patient’s history”, be able to communicate clearly with the patient, have the correct equipment and know how to use it, and be conveniently placed for aftercare.
An added complication is that the British NHS will only provide a returning dental “tourist” with emergency treatment for such problems as infection or bleeding, and any other problems with an dental implant, for example, will have to be solved at the patient’s expense – often a costly exercise.
With more than 800 implant systems available worldwide, if can often be a major exercise for a UK dentist to identify exactly what the overseas clinic used in its treatment before starting to sort out the post-operative problem.
“Many of those who go abroad for dental implant treatment won’t return to the (overseas) clinic for maintenance care as they expect their own UK dentist to provide it. Long-term care is often an after-thought”, says the article.
The good news is that your Chattering Class Clinic dentists are more than capable of providing expert dental implant treatment, as well as a range of other cosmetic dentistry solutions, with a financial plan that means you need not travel overseas – unless you fancy a holiday.