A Beautiful Fresh Smile With 6 Month Braces Treatment

The 6 month braces treatment is a fairly new orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth in less time than traditional orthodontia. It is recommended for patients 15 years and older. Braces have made leaps and bounds since first being introduced. Braces in 6 months is just another advance in dental procedures today.

The 6 month braces treatment can correct most problems traditional braces correct. This includes correcting an overbite and under bite, crowding of the teeth, spacing, cross bites, and misaligned teeth.

As with most visits for braces, the dentist will exam teeth and have the patient smile, for a basic assessment. Then x-rays are done to further the assessment. Once this is completed, the dentist and patient go over valid treatment options and how long it will take. This is where determination is made as to whether a person is a viable candidate for the 6 month braces treatment. Some patients are even corrected in as little as five months. Some may need a couple of months more. Still an improvement over the time it takes with traditional braces treatment.

The follow-up visit is where the orthodontist will fit teeth for the braces. The braces themselves are tooth colored, making them practically invisible. Nickel titanium wires are used to move the teeth into proper order. Sometimes with regular braces, teeth may need to be removed. It is rare that any teeth will need to be removed for adjustments with 6 month braces.

Regular visits to the dentists are in four week intervals, where the braces are adjusted. It takes less than 20 minutes in most cases. A patient is in and out fairly quickly. This lasts for the course of the straightening. There is some pain, as there would be with most treatments. A mild pain reliever recommended by the dentist should handle all but the most drastic pain.

With the 6 month braces treatment, patients will need to wear a retainer after braces are removed. This is the same with most orthodontia treatment. The retainer may be removable or bonded, if the patient wishes. Then one is left to enjoy their beautiful new smile.

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