How to pay for your Dental Treatment in an affordable way!

Interest free low cost payment plans

Affordable ways to pay for your dental treatment

0% APR typical

Interest-free and low cost payment plans to pay for your treatment

Are you one of the thousands of patients considering cosmetic, aesthetic, orthodontic or dental implant work? If so, you might be interested in a service we at Chattering Class and Dermal Clinic provide right here, interest-free and low cost payment plans to fund your dental treatment.
As innovative and potentially much more affordable alternatives to traditional options, our range of facilities enable you to get the treatment you want-the right treatment-and pay for it over an appropriate period.
Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?
Here’s how it works….

Interest-free and low cost payment plans: your questions answered

We’ve tried to answer all your questions here. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please ask your dentist or a member of our practice team.

Who can benefit?

Just about anyone over the age of 18. You don’t have to belong to a private dental plan. You don’t even have to be a regular visitor at this practice.

What can I use them for?

You can use the payment plans to pay for most dental work, but they’re particularly suited to more costly private treatments, such as dental implants, orthodontic, aesthetic or cosmetic work. If you’re not sure whether they’re right for your treatment, please ask your dentist.
How much can I borrow?
Dependent upon facility you can borrow typically between £350 and £50,000. This will be subject to an ‘on-site’ credit application. Most patients’ applications are approved there and then, so you can go ahead and schedule treatment immediately.

How do I make the repayments?

Much like any other loan facilities, you repay them in affordable monthly payments over an agreed term. These payments are collected by Direct Debit.

How much will I pay?

With our 0% facility you pay the cost of your dental treatment-no more and no less. Interest-free means just that! In terms of the low cost facilities, we provide you with a quotation that shows the monthly payment and the total interest payable over the term of the loan. There are no hidden costs and no deposit is required!

What are the repayment terms?

Your dentist or designated members of the practice team will be able to go through the various terms with you and agree the most suitable repayment period.

How do I apply?

Once you’ve agreed on a course of treatment and a cost-with your dentist, we’ll make the credit application on your behalf. As soon as this has been approved and then processed, you’ll receive written confirmation from the credit provider.
Simple as that!

Who is the credit provider?

We’re working with one of the most respected credit providers in the business.
Ask our team for details.

What happens if my treatment costs more than planned for?

Firstly, we will tell you of this situation when it becomes imminent. Secondly, you can choose to have an additional facility to cover the additional costs.

What happens if my treatment cost less than planned for?

This will be refunded either to you or to the lender who will then reduce the outstanding balance on your loan account.

How often can I use the facility?

You can apply for a payment plan for each course of treatment, subject to the usual credit application.

The benefits: at a glance

For anyone considering using out interest-free or low cost loan facilities to fund their private dental treatment, the benefits are clear:
• You get the treatment you want- treatment that will make you look and feel a million times better
• You get to spread the cost of that treatment over a suitable period
• Interest-free and low cost loans can be a much more affordable alternative to credit cards or bank loans
• It’s easy to apply and simple to repay by Direct Debit
• They’re provided by leading credit suppliers

To find out how you could benefit from this easy, affordable way to pay for the dental treatment you want, speak to your dentist or a member of the practice team.

Options for Teeth Straightening

There is a variety of options that are popular among patients who would like to have teeth straightening treatments but don’t want others to see their appliances.
One option is Invisalign which is available at Chattering Class and Dermal Clinic - Invisalign provider. This system uses a series of clear aligners to gradually straighten teeth over time. They are appealing to adults, because they can be removed for photos, special occasions, when eating, for oral hygiene and when involved in public speaking engagements.
When Invisalign aligners are worn, it’s difficult for others to tell that you’re wearing an orthodontic appliance.
For some orthodontic cases, lingual braces are available. Lingual braces are worn on the backs of the teeth and cannot be seen when the patient talks or smiles.

There also are clear or tooth-colored brackets available for use. These more closely resemble the traditional braces most adults think of when they think of orthodontic treatment. However, they are less noticeable because their colouring more closely resembles natural tooth color.
Having straight teeth can do more than simply make a person feel more confident about their smile or improve a their self-esteem and it’s also healthier for people to have straight teeth.
Crowded teeth are more difficult to keep clean and free of tartar and plaque build-up because they provide more tight areas and crevices for food to settle in. When areas are difficult to reach with a toothbrush, that can be a recipe for tooth decay.

When teeth are straight, it helps lessen the potential for bone loss, gum disease and tooth decay.

How can I protect my children’s teeth?

• The best drinks for children’s teeth are milk or water.

If you do give other drinks then use a straw to help direct the drink away from teeth and minimise damage.

• Natural fruit juices or squashes still contain high levels of fruit acids. Even drinks marked “no added sugar” still contain sugars that can form acids and cause tooth erosion.
• Always dilute squashes correctly. You can also dilute natural fruit juices with water to reduce the risk of tooth damage.
• Encourage your child to take drinks over a short time, rather than constantly sipping as this reduces the time in contact with the teeth.

Cerec Fillings and Crowns at our London Clinic

At Chattering Class and Dermal Clinic our London dentists use Cerec to reconstruct broken teeth in one visit.

• The defective filling and decay is removed. A reflective powder layer prepares the tooth for imaging.
• An optical 3D image is acquired with a small camera, directly in your mouth.
• The restoration is created on the screen using the image data.
• Diamond coated instruments mill a ceramic block to reproduce the design.
• This is accomplished during Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM).
• After polishing, the new restoration fits precisely.
• A unique light hardens the bonding material, uniting porcelain and tooth.
• Polishing or glazing ensures a pleasantly smooth and natural feel.
• The colour and appearance make the special ceramic material blend with your tooth.
• Perfectly bonded porcelain ensures an extremely long life for your teeth.
• Maximum strength, great looks!

Fillings (inlays/on lays)

After decay and old filling material is removed. The individually manufactured ceramic will be fitted exactly. Depending on severity, the whole procedure will last between one and two hours.
For more heavily compromised teeth, a traditional treatment has been a crown restoration, which can take several separate appointments. At Chattering Class and Dermal Clinic using the CEREC method, crown restoration is completed in a single appointment. No impressions, no temporary crowns-no need for a second injection. A treatment time of one to two hours is normal.

Dental Veneers with Cerec at our London practice

Malpositioned and discoloured teeth can be restored with porcelain veneers. Your tooth is adjusted and a thin layer of porcelain is bonded securely to your tooth. Perfect looks, perfect fit make a wonderful, natural smile-all in a single appointment at Chattering Class Dental Please visit our Cerec London page for more information.

How can I prevent or control acid erosion?

Regular dental checkups mean that signs of acid erosion can be detected early. We at Chattering Class and Dermal Clinic advise a preventative approach to avoid teeth wear.

If you do have signs of tooth erosion it is important to:

• Limit the consumption of acidic food and drink to meal times.
• Reduce the number of times a day you eat or drink acidic foods and drinks.
• Choose soft drinks which have no added sugar.
• Finish meals with a small piece of cheese or a drink of milk.
• Delay brushing teeth immediately after having acidic foods or drinks as the acid temporarily softens the tooth enamel leading to a greater risk of erosion.

What does tooth erosion look like?

The most commonly affected teeth are the upper front teeth, although all teeth can be affected.
Teeth that have been eroded look glassy, can appear short and have uneven tips.

Are there any other effects of tooth erosion?

Acid erosion causes the loss of enamel from the surface of your tooth. When enamel is removed it exposes delicate dentine which can be sensitive to hot or cold things. If you feel pain when you eat or drink hot or cold things then you may be suffering from sensitive teeth.
Twice daily brushing with sensitive toothpaste can help stop the pain of sensitive teeth.

What causes acid erosion?

Your teeth are at risk every time you eat or drink something acidic such as orange juice or fizzy drinks. There are many factors which influence how your teeth erode such as:
• The pH level or acidity of the food or drinks that you consume
• The total level of acid in the food or drink
• The type of acid that you consume- food and drinks contain many different types of acids
• The structure of your teeth and the saliva in your mouth can even have an effect on how your teeth erode

Listed below are the pH values of some everyday food and drinks. The lower the number the more acidic the product.

Mineral water     pH 7.6
Milk      pH 6.9
Cheddar cheese    pH 5.9
Tomato ketchup     pH3.9
Orange juice      pH3.8
Pickles       pH 3.2
Apple juice      pH 3.0
Cola       pH 2.5
Red wine      pH2.5
Lemon juice      pH2.3

Why is a healthy diet important for my teeth?

As well as helping your body to function, a healthy diet is important for the health of your teeth and gums.
If you eat the wrong things your teeth can be under attack from:
• Acid erosion
• Decay
• Gum disease


What is acid erosion?

Dental erosion can be caused by an acid attack on teeth. This can result in the loss of enamel from the surface of your tooth. Acid erosion can lead to the exposure of dentine, which may cause sensitive teeth. Dental erosion is an irreversible condition, highlighting the importance of prevention.
Tooth erosion is more common than you might think. According to recent research 50% of 4-18 year olds have some erosion.

Invisalign is Clinically Effective!

More than 10,000 dentists are prescribing Invisalign as an innovative treatment for straightening teeth.
In addition to the aesthetic and comfort advantages, Invisalign London offers a number of significant clinical benefits including:
• Predictable treatment, as Invisalign is planned in advance your london dentist can more accurately predict when your treatment will be finished.
• Improved periodontal health through better dental hygiene during treatment
• No metal allergies due to brackets and wires
• Greater treatment visibility and easier planning with our treatment software
• Custom manufacture means a tailored match to your teeth, for reduced irritation and fewer scratches

Only your london dentist can advise whether Invisalign is the best treatment for you. Arrange a consultation today or visit our Invisalign page.

Your treatment with Invisalign London

Invisalign treatment starts with a visit to your london dentist, who will examine you and develop a computer model of your treatment. Together with your london dentist you can review and agree on your treatment before we make a series of aligners that will fit only you.

Each aligner is slightly different, moving your teeth gradually into the desired position.
Treatment length will vary depending on your case, but the average Invisalign treatment is twelve to eighteen months.