Cosmetic Dentist in Chelsea & Kensington

Cosmetic dentistry is the perfect solution for getting that winning smile. It includes various dental procedures, such as invisalign invisible braces, veneers, composite bonding, dental implants, teeth whitening and gum reshaping.

Cosmetic dentistry with advance procedures can help you to get a complete smile makeover. It not only fixes your teeth but also give you a gorgeous smile that enhances your overall personality. There are number factors that are taken into consideration while a smile make over is done, such as skin tone, hair colour, teeth, gum tissue and lips. The entire procedure is customized according to the person’s facial attributes.

Your cosmetic dentist will guide you with entire process of smile makeover and give you a briefing on the various aspects of your smile. Apart from the colour and alignment of the teeth another very important thing that contributes to a beautiful smile is the length of the tooth. With age the teeth tend to wear and tear and this reduces the length of the teeth which results in a gummy smile. During a smile makeover treatment cosmetic dentist reshape and lengthen the shorter teeth with composite bonding or porcelain veneers. Your cosmetic dentist will also implement laser dentistry procedures to modify your gum line. Teeth lengthening will give you long and square teeth and a beautiful and radiant smile.

Another very important thing that has a great effect on how your smile looks is the tooth proportions. Your cosmetic dentist will verify if all your teeth are in correct proportion so that you get a balancing smile. The well-shaped smile comprises of nicely shaped and well proportioned teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can help to get a white, bright, and beautiful smile. So, with Cosmetic dentistry in existence you don’t need to worry about crooked and overlapping teeth that spoil your smile. In case you have missing teeth that adversely affect the appearance of your smile then your cosmetic dentist will also perform dental implants, bridges or partial dentures as a part of the makeover process.

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If you are looking for the best dentist in Chelsea & Kensington then you must visit Chattering Class and Dermal Clinic - a cosmetic and family dentistry. They provide the best cosmetic dentistry which includes a range of services, such as Invisalign, Veneers, Root Canal, Lumineers, Tooth Whitening, Beautiful Denture, Dental Implant, Dental Bonding, Porcelain Crowns, Dental Filling and orthodontic braces.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Health

While many people opt to get their teeth straightened through cosmetic surgery to improve their smile dentists are saying the procedure can help one’s dental health as well and that cosmetic dentistry can improve more than one’s teeth function.

Some of it probably has to do with the baby-boomer crowd, who are now taking better care of themselves - It is also important to remember that these procedures can make a significant improvement, not only in teeth appearance, but also in teeth function. Cosmetic dentistry have experienced positive changes within their lives, according to the article.

One of those changes could be a person’s ability to make a good first impression during a job interview, which could be a reason why more people are opting for teeth whitening or getting adult braces.

Correcting crooked teeth can also improve routine dental care, as they may be easier to clean.

Invisalign in Chelsea Kensington

Your treatment plan begins with a consultation at Chattering Class and Dermal Clinic and during that consultation we will  discuss with you the options to treat your particular issue. Once we confirm that your issue can be corrected with the Invisalign system we will write a detailed treatment plan that determines how each of your aligners will change throughout your program. When you begin treatment you will wear each set of aligners in approximately two-week increments. The aligners gently move your teeth into position, and at the end of each two-week period and you move to the next set of custom aligners.

As you progress through the series of aligners, your teeth will begin moving, little by little and you don’t have to wait until you complete treatment to see your smile change-you may start seeing positive changes early in the process. You will have occasional checkups with your dentist often as little as once every six weeks - in order to gauge your progress. And at the end of your treatment, you’ll be showing off a smile you never knew you’d have before you had Invisalign.

Before you schedule your consultation with an Invisalign provider, it’s a good idea to take the self-assessment to figure out if the Invisalign system is for you. Then take the results with you to your initial consultation.

Whisper Thin Veneers

New technologies announced the capability of its E4D Dentist System to mill its exclusive Whisper Thin Veneers from high-strength porcelain. The precision, stability and the sturdiness of the E4D Dentist Milling Centre can provide veneer restorations as thin as 0.2mm!
Dental professionals a chair-side solution like Whisper Thin Veneers maximizes the potential of minimally invasive dentistry while at the same time provides a high strength and aesthetic solution that dentistry hasn’t had before chair-side.

Clenching in the Credit Crunch - Teeth Grinding

Local healthcare practitioners are seeing the dire real estate and job markets, lost pension plans, and other bad financial news reflected in their caseloads. Dentists can read the financial forecast in the X-rays of fractured teeth.
Many of our 40- and 50-something patients think their teeth are breaking because of age, but the dentist traces the cause to the clenching of jaw muscles, known in the dental community as temporomandibular joint syndrome, or TMJ.
In this economy, particularly for middle-aged folks with families, there’s a lot to clench about. A study that said women in the 40-55 age group are the biggest worriers about finances. Chiropractors have seen a shift in his patients’ complaints. They are  seeing a lot of stress-related headaches, neck pain working into the shoulder as well, and TMJ pain.  Just as some might stretch a pound by adding a week between visits to a barber or hair stylist patients stretch out or put aside their maintenance visits.
As part of health maintenance for people experiencing stress we recommend preventative measures, including going to the gym or finding some other exercise program. Walking is a great stress reducer noting that many patients with the most stress also have little to no exercise in their lives.

Teeth Erosion and Wear

Dental erosion — the loss of the protective enamel on teeth — is reportedly on the increase in the UK. The condition occurs when enamel is worn away by acids in the mouth, leaving teeth sensitive, cracked and discoloured. People’s teeth are wearing away at a faster rate than ever, dissolving under a blistering acid attack that they’ve brought on themselves.

One study, for instance, found dental erosion in about 30 percent of a group of 900 middle school students across the country. Results, published in 2008 in the Dental Tribune, confirmed the suspicions many dentists had harboured. In a survey of dentists taken before the study, nearly half said they thought tooth erosion was on the rise.
Why is this happening? Experts blame what people are drinking and how they are drinking it, for the most part.
Soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices and teas all contain high amounts of acid - When we’re talking about erosion, it’s clearly the acid content that’s causing it. In soft drinks, especially in cola soft drinks, one of the main flavouring agents is phosphoric acid. The sugar in most of those drinks also plays a role. When bacterial plaque on the teeth absorbs sugar from drinks and foods, it excretes an acid that eats away at tooth enamel.
People often make the situation worse by savouring juices and soft drinks. Holding them in the mouth to enjoy the flavour or the fizzing increases exposure to the acids and sugars in the drinks. You cause more damage when you drink a large amount and hold it in your mouth to savour the flavour. Medications such as aspirin can cause erosion, as can conditions such as acid reflux disease or eating disorders associated with chronic vomiting, which expose the teeth to gastric acid.
Dental erosion also is increasing because people are not getting enough fluoride. Fluoride helps strengthen the enamel. Erosion is an attack on the enamel. You have something that’s going to protect it and strengthen it when it’s under attack We recommend that people who aren’t drinking public water use a fluoridated toothpaste and mouth rinse. People who are worried about tooth erosion should talk about it with their dentist during one of the two visits a year they should be making to the dentist.